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Low Poly Camping Scene

Low Poly Camping Scene

When starting out this project I knew I wanted to do a scene in a low poly style. I really love low poly artwork and scenes. It is one of my favourite video game art styles. So I was really happy to start working on this project. Originally I thought I was going to make an island scene, but that quickly changed into a camping scene.

I started off with making the landscape. I sketched a rough design on paper of things I wanted in my scene, like reeds, cliffs, tent and campfire. I am really proud of how I was able to design and make the cliffs. I thought it was going to be the hardest part of the scene, but it was much easier than I thought.

After I made the landscape, I moved on to make all the aquatic plants like the reeds and lily pads. From there I made foliage with the berry bushes, shrubs, rocks, tiny trees, and mushrooms. As I kept playing around with different objects in the scene I kept coming up with more ideas to add like the kayak and the picnic bench. The hardest object to make with this scene was the fire itself. I went through 4 different ways to make a nice looking fire. After 4 failed attempts I settled on a mix between the 4 which is what you can see in the picture. It is not perfect but I am happy with the outcome. I overall just had fun with this project.