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Microphone wireframe and model

3D model of a D7 Microphone

first picture you see is the wireframe and the picture below it is the model without the wireframe picture you see on the left is the microphone render and the picture on the right is the wireframe model. The scene was set to show a wireframe model of a complex object. The idea and set up of the object is original and created by Jade Andersen.

I wanted to find an object that was complex enough where I could still learn new skills while creating it. When looking around my computer, most objects around me were too easy in my opinion and then I saw my Microphone. Which has equal complexity to simplicity.

I had a couple challenges early on when creating the microphone. The first one was creating the microphone grill efficiently and keeping it simple so it doesn’t crash my computer. I was able to work past all my challenges through fiddling with modifiers and looking at tutorials or forums. Overall I am happy with how the wireframe and the model turned out. Another challenge was angling the arms for the microphone stand . I had trouble getting them in line with the rest of the objects. It took a little bit of playing around to get it right.