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Youtube / Twitch Social Cards

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Youtube banner
Youtube Endcard Banner
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Donations panel
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Twitter Panel
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Instagram Panel
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Youtube Panel

These graphics were made for MangoMongoose's youtube/twitch channel. This is a static version of the end card. The one presently shown on their youtube channel was put into after effects and animated. The lines of color move on screen and have a slight bounce. This gives the end card depth and has a higher audience retention rate.

The following social cards have been made so that the social icon itself resembles a mango. Mango’s stream theme is mango’s so everything has been made to resemble and mango and use their brand standards colors. There are two different colors used for the social cards. Pink and green. Green was used for all the social cards that have something to do with money. Due to money being associated with the color green it was an easy decision. This was also a conscious decision for user interface design so it would be easier on the viewer to associate green with money and pink with socials.