Milk + Jam

Striving for Creative Excellence


Ghost: Animated Intro

This was a short animated intro made for a halloween themed video about ghosts. The full video can be found here The animated intro was made with After Effects and Premiere Pro. It was made to give the feeling of spooky and emptiness. All work is original and created by Jade Andersen.

Mango: Animated Intro

This 4 second animated logo sequence was made for my 3D design class. I started sketching out frames to get an idea for the structure of the animation. After that was done I moved on to creating the objects in blender. After that was done I animated it using blenders animation interface.

Walkcycle Animation

This was a short little animation made to show off a moving background and a walk cycle. My creative process for this animation started off with brainstorming ideas of the character that would be shown off in the walk cycle and the scene it would be shown in. After that came storyboarding and then the final step was animating the finished product in after effects. In this animation it shows original graphic elements and work created by Jade Andersen.