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Isometric Living Room Scene

Isometric Living Room Scene

A living room scene made in an isometric style. This was a personal project and it uses Blender, a 3D modeling software. When starting out this project I knew I wanted to try out different styles and trends. I ended up deciding to go with an Isometric style.I already made a dining room scene so I wanted to have a different set up for this scene. I decided to go with a living room scene.

I started off with making sure the camera was at the correct angle so i could accurately display an Isometric style. I then moved on to sketch out a rough design on some scrap paper. I wanted to sketch everything out to make sure I did not have any interesecting lines. As a rule for doing anything in an Isometric style i wanted to make sure the camera was showing the object from three different views Usually the Front, Top, and Right Side. I added the walls next to see if I was showing the corrext view.

After I made the walls were put up, I moved on to make the window and the curtian fixture. I then started to make objects going from big to small so I could make as realistic as possible. I made three different seating options as I wanted to give the space variety. There is the couch the one person chair and the ottoman. The next objects were the cabinet and the glass table. After the main objects were done I got started on working on the room accents, such as the modern art, plants, and trash can. I had tons of fun on this personal project as I got to try out a different design style.